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Startup guidance help.

Help for sales and profitability problems.

Multi-unit management training help.

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Our Mission is to help restaurant, hotel and casino people make more money.

Help and advice on solving basic restaurant problems.

All information is kept 100% confidential.

We are very effective at solving food cost, labor cost, theft problems. Help for Chain or single unit restaurants, hotels, and casinos. 

Strategic Sales Building:
Action Plan to help increase sales: Marketing with a Strategic Plan. Local store marketing help is a key to sales building.

Telephone consulting, coaching and mentoring or On Site visits for face to face help and consulting.

Sell Restaurant Chain, Buy Restaurant Chain
Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor
Restaurant Chain focus.
Sell Restaurants, Buy Restaurants.
Sell Restaurant Chain, Buy Restaurant Chain.
Executive recruiting to support chain growth.

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Restaurant Consulting, Executive Recruiting and Coaching, Start Up help, Sell or Buy Restaurant or Restaurant Chain, Site Selection, and Expert Witness Service in ALL STATES, focus on restaurants and chain restaurant companies, hotels and casinos in major southern cities and surrounding areas: Memphis, Tennessee, TN, Nashville, Tennessee, TN, Franklin, Tennessee, TN Lebanon, Tennessee, TN, Birmingham, Alabama, AL, Huntsville, Alabama, AL, Atlanta, Georgia, GA, Chattanooga, Tennessee, TN, Knoxville, Tennessee, TN, Louisville, Kentucky, KY, Lexington, Kentucky, KY, Jackson, Mississippi, MS,  Vicksburg, Mississippi, MS, Monroe, Louisiana, LA,  Shreveport, Louisiana, LA, Little Rock, Arkansas, AR, Dallas, Texas, TX,

Sell Restaurant Chain, Hotel or Casino.
Buy Restaurant Chain, Hotel or Casino.

Licensed Restaurant Chain Acquisition Advisor. Extensive network for Merger and Acquisition activity.
Sell or Buy restaurants, Hotels or Casinos. If you are ready to sell your business, we can help you prepare before you sell to get maximum price. We are licensed to handle the transaction, Sell or Buy. If you want to sell or buy a restaurant or a restaurant chain, we will handle your Sell or Buy transaction with a strategic plan. We are networked with Merger & Acquisition professionals to help Sell Restaurants, Hotels or Casinos, or Buy Restaurants Hotels or Casinos.

Utilize our professional restaurant consulting skills to enhance the value of your restaurant, hotel or casino, or multi unit restaurant, hotel or casino chain to sell for maximum price.
Utilize our Merger and Acquisition skills to help sell your enterprise, Restaurant, Hotel or Casino.  Single unit or chain restaurants hotels or casinos. Call to discuss your project to sell restaurants, hotels, casinos or buy restaurants, hotels or casinos.

Restaurant, Hotel and Casino help.

Exit Strategy - We can advise you with an action plan leading up to
your exit from the business and sell your restaurants for maximum price.

FREE: Instructions and formulas provided for all clients to track sales, calculate food cost and labor cost.  901-483-4489

Straight talk restaurant consulting, Start Up help, Executive Coaching for your restaurant, hotel or casino single unit or chain for improved sales, food cost, overall restaurant cost control, theft control and restaurant bottom line profit. Help for hotel and casino restaurants.
Many hotels and casinos are too busy to focus on food cost and labor cost control.
Many restaurant executives are challenged with facts of employee theft and how it impacts sales, food cost, overall restaurant cost, labor cost, and restaurant bottom line profit. We are hands on and give management coaching, help to control theft, restaurant food cost, restaurant labor cost, and overall restaurant cost control help.

Training Seminars and speakers for meeting presentations.
The correct speaker for your meeting or seminar to achieve desired results.
Restaurant Start Up help for chain or single unit restaurants. 
Follow a strategic action plan to avoid costly mistakes.

Consulting and coaching for development of business plan
, design and equipment layout, site selection, lease or purchase negotiating. Fred Pace is also a licensed Real Estate Agent.
Your business plan is a strategic and necessary part of the restaurant start up. We can help your restaurant or restaurant chain. Your business plan for startup needs to show your action plan for control of food cost, labor cost, theft control, which equate to bottom line profit.

For single unit restaurant, hotel or casino or restaurant, hotel or casino chain, we provide Restaurant, Hotel, & Casino Consultant Action Plans, Free Restaurant, Hotel, and Casino Management Software and executive coaching to solve problems leading to sales, food cost control, theft prevention, and restaurant, hotel casino bottom line profit. Most hotels and casinos are vulnerable to theft in their restaurant operations, which leads to theft in the casinos and hotels.

Restaurant food cost control, labor cost control, and theft control are major components of increasing restaurant bottom line profit.

Telephone help or On Site Coaching & Mentoring Programs to fit your needs for restaurant chain or individual restaurants. Quick and easy access to solve restaurant problems. Use for restaurant startup or ongoing support.

Consulting focus 
on restaurant sales,  food cost control, theft control, restaurant bottom line profit.

Complete facility and restaurant QSC operations assessment to identify problems and manager & executive coaching help to solve the problems.

Food Cost, Labor Cost, Theft Control by top level Restaurant Consultant.

Consulting and Action Plans to solve Employee Theft.
Strategic plan for ongoing Employee theft control, food cost, control, labor cost, control, and increased restaurant bottom line profit for one restaurant or a chain.

Food cost control goals and Proper Labor Scheduling cost control goals.
These goals need to be in place in your start up business plan and ongoing.

Formulas for food cost:
You must know how to calculate ideal and actual food cost
in order to achieve effective food cost control. Menu Costing is an important factor.
Formulas and Free Restaurant Management Software are provided for clients to track sales, calculate food and labor cost, restaurant menu recipe cost and menu mix to properly control food cost, then cost control is maintained by the elements of the comprehensive ongoing action plan.
Menu Costing should be an on going function. It will help you focus to sell your most profitable menu items.

Goal setting consulting and executive coaching to achieve key restaurant, cost control, sales objectives, and time management. 
Without proper coaching, many restaurant chain and independent executives are not exercising effective goal setting, cost control, time management, and they are challenged with theft and low restaurant bottom line profit. Food cost and labor cost can grow to as much as 70% of top line restaurant revenue if not controlled and requires proper goal setting and time management to control food cost, labor cost and maintain favorable restaurant bottom line profit. Let us help.

Food cost control and labor cost control will continue to be the dominant cost control items in the bottom line profit formula. Fix food cost control and labor cost control problems and make sure they stay fixed. Food cost control and labor cost control need to begin at the time of restaurant start up and made a permanent part of operations.

Multi Unit restaurant, hotel and casino management recruiting, training, and executive coaching by experienced top level restaurant consultant to enhance focus on sales, cost control, and restaurant bottom line profit. Effective Multi Unit Management is a key factor for growth.

People Development: We give training to improve your ability to "promote from within" by experienced restaurant consultant giving Executive Coaching. All employees are motivated by a chain or independent owner who will Promote From Within, which translates to large savings in recruiting costs and builds employee loyalty.

Exit Interviews -  Find out why people resign from your employment or save them from resigning. They will usually be very candid with a third party about their experience with your company, but sometimes will not discuss with their supervisor.  People quit bosses, they don't quit companies. We will structue the interview process based our standard form and can customize it for you.

Comprehensive Manager and Executive bonus programs based on Action Plan Goals and results to help keep the focus on priorities.

Restaurant, Hotel and Casino Marketing - Local Store Marketing, local, regional, co-op for dynamic sales building, for one restaurant or a restaurant chain.
Fund Raiser programs for local store marketing to build sales
and make you the Restaurant Hometown Hero.
Local Store Restaurant Marketing will separate you from the competition.
Local Store Restaurant Marketing Seminars for restaurant chains and multi-unit restaurant chain Franchise owners.

Menu Design, for ideal food cost coordinated with Consulting and Executive Coaching to help streamline food handling in the kitchen.

Recipe & Menu item food specs to establish desired ideal food cost and maximize restaurant bottom line profit.

Menu engineering for correct Menu Pricing to produce correct food cost control.
Menu engineering will also help improve labor cost control. Menu Costing should not be the sole determining factor in Menu pricing.

Mystery Shopping:
Professional Restaurant Mystery Shopper service. 
Even one professional Restaurant Mystery Shop can reveal serious problems with food cost, labor cost, food quality, theft, overall cost control, and low bottom line profit in that restaurant or in a multi-unit restaurant chain. Mystery Shops should be done shortly after a new restaurant start up and after initial kinks are worked out. 

Expert Witness Service for Restaurant Litigation. 
Expert Witness Reports and Testimony.
Our Expert Witness Service is effective for restaurant related disputes including but not limited to: fraud, theft, liability, negligence, injury, safety, labor fraud, food cost fraud, inventory, reports.

Expert Witness Service is validated by restaurant executive and ownership experience of 40 years in chain and independent operations.

Restaurant Site Selection Assistance, by Licensed Consultant and negotiation to lease or buy.
Strategic Restaurant Site selection is the first critical step for start up.
We are experienced and highly qualified to handle buy, sell or Lease transactions.

Restaurant Construction & Restaurant, Hotel, Casino Remodel consulting advice.

Restaurant and Decor Equipment consulting by top level restaurant layout consultant. It's important to buy the correct equipment to fit your menu.

Phone and talk direct with Fred Pace about your menu, design, layout, food, food cost, labor cost, goal setting, time management, and restaurant bottom line profit. Call before or during the assembling of your business plan to be prepared for smooth start up.

Telephone coaching or on site visits
Telephone Coaching and Mentoring Programs to fit your needs for restaurant, hotel, casino chain or individual restaurants, hotels and casinos. Low cost, quick and easy access to solve restaurant, hotel, casino problems.

Restaurant Chain Mergers & Acquisitions, Restaurant Chain Acquisition Advisor to buy or sell restaurant chain, Coaching, Start Up help and Expert Witness Service in ALL STATES, focus on restaurants and restaurant chain operators in major southern cities and surrounding areas: Memphis, TN
, Nashville,TN, Franklin, TN Tennessee, Lebanon, TN, Birmingham, AL, Alabama, Huntsville, AL, Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, Knoxville, TN, Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, Jackson, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Biloxi, MS, Monroe, Shreveport, Louisiana, LA, Little Rock, Arkansas, AR. Dallas, Texas, TX.

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